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Questions and Answers about our Workshop Experiences

Do I need to book an experience in advance?

Yes, All our experiences need to be booked and paid for in advance.

Do I need to wear any special outdoor clothing?

Please bring boots or walking shoes and a raincoat. In cooler weather wear a warm coat.

Can I bring my dog with me?

We don’t allow pets on our experiences in order to protect wild life.

Will the event be postponed if the weather is wet?

Generally no! We go out in all weather except  in extreme conditions.

Do the events start and end on time?

Yes. Please refer to the ticket order for these details.

Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes. Please notify us in advance so that we can cater for your needs.

Do you have free parking at your venue?

Yes, we have plenty of parking at Blackstairs Eco Trails.

Do you have an Electric Car charger?

Yes. We ask guests for a minimum donation of €10.

Do I need to know anything about fungi or foraging to take part in your events?

No you don’t, we will give you lots of great information about foraging, fungi or the remarkable trees depending on which experiernce you are joing us for.

Questions and Answers about our Fungi/Mushroom Foraging

General Information about mushroom foraging in Ireland

What is mushroom foraging?

Mushroom Foraging is the enjoyable pastime of looking for wild, safe and edible mushrooms.

Why do people forage for mushrooms?

People forage for mushrooms as tt is an enjoyable outdoor pursuit!

When is wild mushroom season?

This depends on the weather but usually the best months are September and October.

Is mushroom foraging illegal?

No. It is perfectly legal to forage for wild mushrooms.


What are the dangers of mushroom foraging?

It is important to learn the difference between edible and poisonous mushrooms through an expert

Are wild mushrooms harmful to dogs?

Depending on the mushrooms eaten, mushroom poisoning in dogs can cause illness.

Are wild mushrooms poisonous?

Some are and others are deadly poisonous.

What gear do I need for mushroom foraging?

Sensible outdoor wear and a basket to carry samples.


How to identify edible wild mushrooms?

There are at least 2,500 different types of fungi in Ireland and it is essential to get expert knowledge in identifying them.

What are spore prints and how are they used in identification?

Spore prints are a method of identification and establishing the genera of particular mushrooms.

Can I use mushroom identification apps?

Yes you can . Seeking tuition with an expert guide is recommended.

Cooking and storing fungi

How to clean foraged mushrooms?

Never wash wild mushrooms. Carefully wipe with a damp cloth or use a special mushroom brush to gently clean off any soil etc. from the mushroom.

How to store foraged mushrooms?

The best way to enjoy foraged mushrooms is to eat them as soon as possible after picking. Wild mushrooms can be stored in the cool box of a fridge .

How to cook foraged mushrooms?

First make sure you have carefully identified the type of mushroom you are going to cook. Carefully clean the foraged mushrooms.. Mushrooms can be simply cooked in olive oil or butter if preferred. Many people add a little garlic, salt and pepper to heighten the flavour.

Conservation and learning

Is mushroom foraging sustainable?

It is always good practice to leave very small, immature fungi in the ground for sustainability

What should I do with disturbed areas or litter found while foraging?

If possible pick up litter to dispose of responsibly.

Are there foraging groups I can join?

Yes. There are several expert guides listed on the web.

How to learn about mushroom foraging?

A good guide or expert is a safe way to learn about wild mushroom foraging.